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Your ship has come in. It's time to get on board for the adventure of a lifetime.

Welcome to an exploration and guide to intentionally designing your personal reality. Where you are right now and the life you are living is exactly where you need to be to move forward into this magical future of your own design. In the days ahead you will find a reality where every day the joy of appreciation and adventure become the ever increasing focus of all your moments experiencing this physical world. Just as important, as your skills develop you will have a positive transformative effect on the reality of everyone in your sphere of influence which ultimately is as vast as all of Creation. This is really why you are here at what we shall call the cutting edge of Reality - you are here to have the fun and personal satisfaction of designing a life for yourself where you are consistently taking advantage of the vast energy you have at your command to shape reality. Learning to let your "heart" be your compass, you will realize the value and importance of all of your hopes and dreams so that with confidence in the rightness of your mission you can allow the unfolding of a new reality filled with an ever increasing amount of happiness, prosperity and love.

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The Designer of Reality™ Project's Mission is to Promote the Evolution of Consciousness and Teach the Skill of Intentionally Shaping the Future.

The Designer Of Reality™ Project is a product of the recognition of the evolution of conscious beings. As a species we have reached the point where a growing number of people are realizing that we are "creating" reality by what we choose to believe. This is a radical shift from the belief that reality is something we must simply react to. As a growing number of people accept that their ideas actually "create" individual and world realities, it is clear that there is great value in promoting groups of individuals determined to design and manifest new realities.

What's it all about?

The intention of the Designer Of Reality™ project is to inspire individuals to learn that they can intentionally create a more personally satisfying and enjoyable existence. While the key will be affecting your personal reality, as your personal reality becomes more satisfying and enjoyable, this will have a positive effect on everything we each interact with.

Where do we go from here? It is up to us. You better make sure you are on the side of the equation you actually want. Plug the energy amounts into the equation. If you are putting more energy into fearing that Trump will be a disaster for the country then you need to know that is where you are putting your intention and energy. It is crucial that people come to realize the truth of how this equation works. Because of the interconnectedness that our social media world gives us it can be very easy for powerful players to influence the energy balance. As with the Clinton campaign those powers did not even realize what they were doing.

There is one way you can make sure you are always on the "right" side: if your energy is rooted in hope, love and a happy, enthusiastic belief that everything about your future, you will always be playing the part of a dynamic and positive "Designer of Reality" casting your vote for an ever improving world. That is the only way to be on the side of the equation taking us all in the direction you really want for humanity. Therefore, please get focused on assuring yourself and everyone else that things are going to work out just fine and possibly even in surprising and wonderful ways.

Getting Started on Some Intentional Creation

The video above is about setting some basic intentions for your day. To have a magical day you need to put your order in and request it. That's how it works with all of this program: as you emotions alert you to some situation you want to change or you are inspired with a desire for something, put your intention to get what you want out there, build the feeling of its accomplishment by believing in its reality and then stay alert so you can appreciate the parts of the puzzle fall into place to reveal and fulfill your request.
As with any skill, starting with small steps is often best. Have you tried reserving parking spaces for yourself? This is a fun and useful way to use intentional manifestation. All you need to do is say to yourself "I always find a great parking spot". You don't have to say it over and over again like a mantra but you do need to think it with some real conviction. Your ego self will be quick to say "this is silly and I seriously doubt my thinking I am going to get a good parking spot will do anything." Tell it "either way this is not a big deal, it is just an experiment and there is no downside, right?" Now, tell that little ego self with firm conviction, "I always find a great parking spot." It will add power to it if you visualize going into a crowded parking lot and right as you approach the store you are going to, a car backs out from a space right in front - almost like the person had been waiting for you to get there.

Another experiment you can try is to think of something you would like to find or have come to you. Again, so that that "logical" ego self of yours won't have any real motive to try and talk you out of it, pick something you have no urgency about. This is not a powerful "want", just a little fun. You might pick an orange beach ball, a blue feather, a neon green car - whatever you want. It should not be something that is going to be too easy - if you work in a pool supply store you might regularly run into orange beach balls. If orange beach balls seem like something you wouldn't normally be likely to come across, go for it. Say to yourself, "I intend to find an orange beach ball." You should be firm and clear about it just like you were putting in an order at a restaurant. Provide a time frame - you don't want to wait a year for your beach ball to show up. Also, once ordered, it is important that you pay attention and look for it because unless you are very specific in your order - "I choose to catch an orange beach ball!" - It may come to you as a magazine picture or as a passing image on TV. You need to be expecting to find it - that's important - but you don't need to dwell on it. Once your order is put in with certainty, that orange beach ball will be on its way to you in one form or another.

When you have gotten some practice, your faith in the process will be building and you can move on to some bigger manifestations. The process is the same and, from a Universal perspective, manifesting a castle is no more difficult than manifesting a parking spot. The only difference is your ability to expect that what you ordered is going to be delivered. It does not matter how complex the process is - how many moving parts are involved - it is also quite possible that the fulfilling of your want is simultaneously fulfilling the wants of others. The bigger and more complex a want you are manifesting, the more your intention energy can benefit from being partnered with others as a part of their manifesting what they want. This is why like minded individuals with a shared goal can have very powerful transformational power. We are all intertwined and can't do anything that does not affect the whole of creation. Just like you finding this book, the Universe will provide the tools and information you need to manifest your wants and dreams.

The words you speak and the thoughts you think are conjuring your future into reality.

A FOUNDATION TRUTH: The choice is always yours.

Designer Of Reality™ Program for Intentional Creation is here to provide the knowledge necessary to REALLY have the life you want.
The PositiVibes Guidebook - Learning the Art of Intentional Creatiion
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